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Dry Verge Installers Durham, Sunderland and Washington

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We have a lot of experience in fitting dry verge systems and we expect your home will be vastly improved with reduced maintenance costs as a result of getting us to fit a dry verge system.

Our dry verge tile system has been designed to be a cost effective alternative that avoids all of the long term maintenance problems of mortar bedding.

A verge refers to the junction between the roof and the gable end of the building. A gable refers to the wall that infills between two opposite roof slopes and usually finishes in a triangular shape. The traditional way of finishing the roof at a gable wall is to use mortar.

With dry verge tiles there is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the verge tiles quick, easy and clean as well as making it possible to complete the work during frosts and other adverse weather conditions.

Our dry verge tile system secures tiles to the roof whilst preventing wind uplift and providing resistance to water penetration. Our dry verge tile system requires no wet trade and can be quickly and easily installed mechanically come rain or shine.

dry verge installerss Durham and Sunderland
Dry verge installers Durham and Sunderland, dry verge tilers Newcastle

While Prestige Home Improvements are based in the Durham area, we serve most of the North East, including Durham, County Durham, Washington, Sunderland and Tyne and Wear as well as Newcastle.

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